Why your website does not achieve results?

These days every client wants the best designed website and then wonder why they have visitors that bounce off their website so fast.  A great looking website is important but are not the key to ensuring your get the best bang for your buck!

All too often we hear of the case where the marketing manager decides they going to upgrade their website thinking the visitors will love it but then their number of visitors don’t change and they don’t see a ROI on the spend.

When it comes to websites you should be able to send your small kid online and they should be able to answer these three simple questions from the first page:

  1. What does the company offer?
  2. How will it make my life better?
  3. What do I need to buy it?

Achieve these just ‘above the fold’ (screen you see before scrolling down) should be the objective of any company.  Everyday companies are losing sales as their website is not a sales rep that can answer a visitor’s key questions or concerns.  Have you ever visited a website and had no clu what they offer and what they want you to do if you understood what they did have to offer?

Over and above these 3 items you should then proceed to tell your visitors  the problem you will solve for them and what will occur should they not engage your services or buy your products.  Also stop being sensitive and have a strong call to action – don’t be passive agree – clients will think  you don’t believe in product and why should the i.e.  schedule a call, buy now etc. .  If you don’t asked you won’t get.  This is called a Call To Action.  Ideally this should be located at the top right real estate of the site and I would repeat it on the banner image in the centre.

Here are some extra items we suggest implementing to ensure your website is setup as a selling machine that retains visitors and hopefully converts them into clients.

  1. Header – make sure you have a header statement that says what you do and is in a language that’s easy to read and understand. Cute and clever does not sell products
  1. Failure Element – tell client what it’s going to cost if they don’t buy your service/product. Disappoint charged more – don’t buy gain weight. Id problem /failure if don’t buy. Potential failure is attraction they will have to your brand.
  1. Success Element – show them life if they do buy – happy client with no leaking roof, business makes more money etc.. This creates interest as they see value/benefits.
  2. Plan – spell out a plan that gives customers 3 steps to engage product. You want them to place an order as they taking a risk – so make it look easy. To make it more sharper and engaging to clients use image that show people using the product and how happy they are now.  
  1. Add a lead generator to your site that provides your business with contact information which allows you to grow a community.  This will allow you to create email campaigns and sell to the client at a later stage.

Implement these simple changes and see results in your business page.

Need help with your website design or development contact Acquaint at info@acquaint.co.za .  

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