Social Media Marketing in Healthcare


Benefits of being social

With social media your facility has the ability to place it’s brand where the clients or patients are and be on the front of their minds.  The three main objectives that you can achieve with social media are:

1. Brand Awareness

Creating different social media platforms will assist in getting the word out that your healthcare facility exists and increase the reach or exposure.  The end goal of any marketing strategy should be brand awareness to ensure clients can recall your business when needed.

2. Increased engagement 

With millions of people on social media from kids to grandparents your facility cannot afford not to be on these platforms.  Since most of your audience is on these social platforms it is the ideal place to connect with them and engage.  They will provide feedback and also leave reviews for you which assists with converting future prospects.  

3.  Increased website visitors

Attracting these social media audiences to your website is also another advantage as you can use this for re-marketing, allow them to learn about your hospital or care centre.

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Importance of Social Media

According to research over 30% of your patients will interact with you via social media before connecting with your facility.  Understand your digital patient’s journey is important as this allows you to understand their objectives and how to meet satisfy them.   In the healthcare industry a patients digital journey consists of the following areas, goals, state of mind and touch points.  Their journey would consist of the following steps:
1. Researching the problem

2.  Research the healthcare facility

3. Schedule an appointment

4. Care

5. Feedback

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By participating on Social Media you can now educate your audience and assist them along their journey.  It also allows you to be seen as a thought leader by publishing articles that will provide knowledge to the patients.  With healthcare the metrics are not about likes or followers but more about building trust. 

Social media is like a referral site on steroids. Through social interactions, patients have the ability to develop a first impression of a hospital and physician before meeting them [in person].

Patients are using social media to research and make decisions, especially in regards to healthcare. The patients look to the Internet for healthcare advice, of which 40 percent rely on responses from social sites.

By engaging and interacting on social media sites, healthcare organizations can help revitalize the word of mouth referrals and eliminate barriers that were created by the lack of communication. 

Leverage Social Media

Social media has become a necessity for the healthcare industry. By leveraging social media strategically, healthcare organizations can reach target audiences, boost patient engagement, and improve health outcomes. Social media will continue to shift as it matures, and no doubt new platforms will spring up and gain popularity. Healthcare organizations need to remain vigilant about the evolving world of social media so that they can utilize it as well as possible.

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