Reason your Facebook Ads are not workings

We find a lot of people thinking that Facebook ads don’t work as they fail to generate the conversions, leads or sales results needed.   Facebook ads work if you do them right but they also not for every business, so you got to understand the business before you start spending you cash on Facebook ads.

Here are some tips that should help improve your ads.


Ensuring you are targeting the right audience is crucial.  Sending your ads to people who will not purchase from you will smash your marketing efforts to pieces.  It imperative you sit down with sales team and understand your target audience properly and whether they are on Facebook.


Facebook is a company and its out to make money.  If your ad is not worthy showing to someone, they lose money.   If at first your ad does not work on the automated setting it may be worthwhile bidding higher to increase the impressions and clicks on your ads.  Play with the figures until you see results then adjust down to avoid overspending.

Ad Design

This part is crucial! 
Remember that digital marketing is still about “Marketing”.  You need to capture an audience’s attention first, basic marketing stuff will always apply.  Grab your audiences attention with catch lines and even call them out, example
“Hey Doctors…..” .  Use images that create an emotional connection with your audiences, so they relate and want to
take action.  Also, you must tell you audiences what you want them do after they read the ad, i.e. sign up, learn more etc.

Follow up

We’ve seen companies where the ad performs great, but everything falls apart once they get the leads.  This is because you need to tackle the leads within the first 2 hours, have a system in place that manages the leads and ensure your sales staff know how to convert.   

Marketing Channels

Another important point we must highlight is knowing your strategy.  Each marketing platform like:

  • Facebook
  • Google PPC
  • Linkedin and Youtube 

all play a different roll in the customers purchasing life cycle. You to ensure the right platform is used to push the customer down  the sales pipeline at the right time.

Hopefully these tips will help improve your ads performance. 

If you have any questions let us know and we will gladly assist.  Or want someone else to handle your digital marketing strategy for you, then contact us here and let us help you win online.

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