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When is the last time you sent an email? Could have been a few minutes ago or even right now as you’re reading this article. Now ask yourself what type of email did you send? Actually, go ahead and take a look.

Your email could have been a quick note to your coworker, maybe a longer one to your boss or personal email or even sending out a marketing email to segmented list of contacts. The first email was sent by Ray Tomilson in the 1970s and since then we’ve been sending so many different types of email.  All these types of emails are important too, not only your professional life but your personal life. They are important because you are engaging in conversation.  An email is one of the main ways we have conversations and communicate in all the different sectors of our lives and by 2020 email use worldwide will top 3 billion users.

While your personal emails are important, an email marketing strategy will help you reach your audience, continue to nurture relationships with them and have conversations that help you and your customers.  So, doing your own email marketing is not as easy as it may seem.   

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It’s not as simple as quickly drafting a message and hitting the send button. You have to build a healthy email list and make sure you’re complying with email regulations and segment your contacts so your delivering the right messages, to the right people, at the right time and so much more.

Email marketing is now more than ever rooted in every part of your inbound strategy, focusing more and more on data and segmentation. Your email marketing is fueling your inbound strategy and syncing closely to your CRM and contact database as well as the information on your website. 

You are collecting more and more data and to send great emails, you should be segmenting them to create highly personalized experiences for your contacts.  This is why having an inbound email marketing strategy will help you keep your email marketing on target and show your company a return on investment, whether you’re a company of 1 or 5000.  

Your email marketing strategy needs to be clearly defined to help you reach your goals. So how do email and inbound come together to fuel your inbound strategy and generate ROI for your business? Your email marketing strategy is one part of your overall inbound strategy.  You’ll develop this strategy to market your product and services and nurture relationships in a human and helpful way through the use of the email channel.  For a lot of people, email marketing is an interesting part of inbound marketing.  To some it is still one of the prime examples of outbound marketing. 

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The word spam is enough to scare us away from hitting send and to those who rely on purchase list and emailing people who have never opted in hearing from them, it should be scary.  By using these outbound tactics of sending emails, marketers are not having conversations with the people on the receiving end of their email. This is so important to remember that there is a human on the other end of your email send who will be reading that message. Creating an inbound email marketing strategy means you are creating a human, helpful and customer driven conversation and experience and this is what will lead to impactful results for your business.

So how did the email in the inbound methodology intersect? First, let’s review the inbound methodology. Let’s talk about what it is how, can help your business grow and how it fits into your process.  

The inbound methodology is a method of attracting, engaging and delighting people to grow a business that provides value and build trust.  As technology shifts inbound guides a company to do business in a human and helpful way.  The inbound methodology is shown as a circle because it represents the flywheel that will drive your company’s growth.  Each stage is coming together to focus on your customer.  Each person or team inside of your company can provide value at every phase of the endowment methodology.

Attract is about providing helpful content that relates to questions being asked.  For marketers at your company this means creating helpful content and experiences that demonstrate your knowledge. For your sales team this means being available to answer questions possibly through live chat on your website.  And for services teams this means providing knowledge documents that makes information about you and your company easy to find.

The next phase is engage. Engage is about building lasting relationships with people by providing insights and solutions that align with their roadblocks in goals.  Email marketing is all about continuing to build relationships and provide information and insights to people.

And then comes delight.  Delight is about providing outstanding experience that adds real value and empowers people to reach their goals.  Delight is where you can turn your customers into your best marketers. Email will then continue to support your inbound efforts after someone is already a customer.  You’ll use email to engage and delight your customers to turn them into happy promoters of the products and services they love.

In our world today, trust is more important than ever.  Word of mouth is how people develop trust with the brand.  Your customers are the ones who will help you continue the buying process for others by sharing their experiences with their friends, family and colleagues and once this occurs, then the whole methodology will begin again. 

While our world today continues to evolve and new products and services appear daily, there are many ways to have conversations with your visitors, leads and customers.  Email marketing continues to be one of the practices that consistently fuels and delivers ROI for your business and when it’s used properly, in collaboration with all of the other conversational tools, you can build trust. By creating a great email marketing strategy you’re creating a sustainable helpful and human experience to develop relationships with your customers and help them grow.


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