Website Redesign

Is Your Website Impacting Company Sales?

Did you know that poor web design can hurt conversions and sales? An unattractive site deserves a website redesign.

No matter what your company size or industry is, though, it’s crucial that you take a strategic approach to your website redesign. Know what isn’t working, what does currently work, and what goals you wish to achieve.

Otherwise, how will you take advantage of your existing web traffic? Worse, what happens if your web design is causing people to avoid visiting your site at all?

Let’s look at some of the techniques for creating a website redesign strategy and implementing it for maximum ROI.

How Do You Know if Your Website Needs a Redesign?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, a website redesign is necessary.

1.    Does the design look outdated?

2.    Are my conversions/sales decreasing?

3.    Have I received complaints about user experience or design-related issues?

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Website Redesign Steps

We’ve personally worked on many website redesign projects and here is what we learned to be useful. There are various areas needed to be covered in the website project  We’ll go through each in detail below. But first, we start with the ‘website kickoff meeting’ where we go over your goals for the project, understand who is coming to the site, how they got there and agree on a basic timeline for the project.

Kick Off Meeting

1. Establish Goals

You want to establish your goals for the project. What does winning look like? A question I like to ask my clients is: “Imagine it’s 6 months after the new website has been launched, and you are feeling totally happy with your new website and the whole process of building it. What has to have happened for you to feel that way?”

2. Getting Traffic 

How are people currently coming to the website? A lot of times the client will say “their not!” but usually that’s not true. Just because you don’t get a lot of traffic from Google doesn’t mean people aren’t coming to your website. Is your website a lead generating tool or a lead conversion tool?

3. Timelines 

When it comes to timelines, I would focus more on the overall process than a specific timeline. The best piece of advice I would give in terms of timing is to get your content in order. The content is the bottleneck to all projects. So make sure you have someone dedicated to the part of the project.

Content Phase


Design Phase


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Website Redesign Checklist

Hosting Credentials

Your domain registrar and hosting environment are two separate entities that work together to support your website displaying on the web. With a website redesign, you will have both already in place. And you will need to have a clear understanding of your current hosting setup. Will it remain the same or if you will be pointing to a new environment? You will also want to make sure that you share the proper credentials with whoever is launching your new website.


Email hosting is a separate entity than your website hosting. If you are launching your new website in the same hosting environment, this won’t be an issue. If you are launching your new website on a new hosting environment, you want to make sure you do not mess up your existing email hosting records in the process. A good rule of thumb is that if you are only changing your A Record, you won’t be messing up the existing email setup. If you are changing the actual Nameservers, you will be impacting the existing email setup and you will need a technical person to help you make sure that the MX records of the new host match the existing MX records.

Backup Existing Website

If you are keeping your current hosting environment, then you will probably want to backup your previous website by moving it to an archive folder, e.g. www.yourdomain.com/archive. The trick with this is you want to make sure to have your developer de-index this folder so that Google can no longer crawl it or display its pages in the search results. If you are using a new hosting environment, then you can backup the previous site in a zipped folder and save it to your computer for safekeeping.

Google Analytics

You’ll want to make sure you have Google Analytics running on the new website. This is something you can do on the test site pre-launch. A bonus tip for Google Analytics is to add a note within your Google Analytics at the date of your launch to keep track of your new website’s results.

Discourage Search Engines

If you have a WordPress website, pay close attention. By default, when building a test site, WordPress will ‘discourage’ the site from being indexed by Google. This is a good thing during the development phase because you don’t want Google indexing your test site. But as soon as it launches, you want to make sure to undo this function. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and uncheck the “discourage Search Engines” checkbox.

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