Healthcare Marketing for success!


Whether you run a solo practice or a small clinic with less than 100 employees, your services are the product you’re trying to sell. Word of mouth advertising can only take you so far these days. 
Nowadays majority of your clients are people searching for healthcare services through their phones and tablets.

To ensure you have survival, sustainability and achieve your growth objectives you need to do more.

Ensuring revenue and new patients are constantly flowing into your business, you need an effective healthcare marketing strategy.

If you have a staff or family member giving a couple hours to manage your social media that’s great.
Maybe they engage with clients, promote events or share content the feel your audience might enjoy.

However, if you want to engage users and convert them into clients you will need to do more.  This includes adopting a social media healthcare marketing plan.

Marketing these days for companies in the healthcare industry can be tricky and not easy, so whatever your product or service may be in the healthcare or medical industry, if you’re looking for someone to partner and marketing tips you’ve come to the right place.

So, let’s start with the question on everyone’s mind, what exactly is healthcare marketing?

Healthcare marketing is the marketing strategies employed buy a business too attract new patients and increase awareness of its products or services.

Understanding patients digital buying process

A few weeks ago, I got the flu and as a man I’m stubborn and will not visit the doctor immediately.  So, I powered up my laptop and search for “flu and cures” in Google.  Well done me! And with seconds on the first page of Google I get a list of symptoms with cures that could help with my resolving my flu bug.  Now I select the best solution and head off to a pharmacy to get some medication.  Three days later my sickness is still not cured.  After a verbal battering from the wife, I then jump back on to Google and search for “doctors near me” and magically I have a list of doctors within my area that I could visit.  I am not using my wife’s doctor as that’s a three-hour waiting period that does not go down well with me.   

Finally, I get to my doctor and he gives me a checkup and an injection with some meds.  I thank him and 2 days later I’m back on the ball.  Go online and rate my experience with him as excellent!

This is how most patients solve their medical problems therefore making it important that if you offer health care service you must ensure you using digital marketing so that you will be considered in this patient’s journey.

The same would apply if a patient needed an operation, therapy or some key medical assistance.  They would go online to Google and search for doctors or specialists in their area, view their ratings, book an appointment online and even compare hospital offering those services.  Times have changed and health care businesses need to embrace it if they wish to survive and thrive in the modern age of technology. 

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So, what is required in terms of digital marketing strategy to ensure your business is successful in attracting new clients or patients and growing brand awareness.

If you want to increase brand awareness for your healthcare practice and grow your patient count, here are some marketing strategy tips that will assist:

1 Understand your target audience

2 Ensure your website is designed with your target audience in mind

3 Adopt a local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan – organic traffic to your website

4 Use PPC which is pay click advertising

5 Connect with your patience on social media like Facebook or WhatsApp

6 Start an email marketing plan to ensure your always top of mind

7 Video is the future and the future is now. Create content videos that assist with their problems

8 Request reviews from your patience for your GMB (Google my business), Facebook and Website

9 Employ Live Chat for quicker response time to website visitors

10 Signup for Google Analytics and measure the date to ensure you’re on the right track


Understand your target audience

As we discussed earlier with my situation when I was sick, you need to understand how your audience interacts online which is basically called micro-moments according to Google.
There are 4 micro moments that basically matter:

  1. I want to know moments – this is when someone is exploring or researching but is not necessarily in purchased mode
  2. I want to go moments – this is when someone is looking for a business or is considering buying a product at a nearby store
  3. I want to do moments – when someone wants help completing a task or trying something new
  4. I want to buy moments – this is when someone is ready to make a purchase and may need help deciding what to buy and how to go about buying it.

In these moments’ consumers want what they want, when they want it and they are drawn to plans that deliver on these needs immediately.

This makes it crucial that you understand what your patient does when he or she requires your services.

You should be the source they go to and find help along this buyers’ journey using your website or other platforms so they have a greater chance of connecting with you and being influenced by your company during these micro moments.

Website Design

Your website design should be done with your patient in mind. Have you ever visited a website and did not know what they did or how they could help you?  Your website is your company and patience will judge your business on this in terms of credibility. So, in short, make sure it is developed correctly.  So, what should your website have to ensure customers have a satisfactory experience?

  1. Online scheduling system
  2. Access to patient data online
  3. Online messaging capability
  4. Doctor lookup and reviews
  5. Frequently asked questions
  6. Operating hours and contact details
  7. It should be mobile-friendly
  8. The website should load fast

The list is exhaustive, and should you require further information please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

We know this can be a significant amount of information to process and we happy to assist with your questions.  With most healthcare experts their days are consumed with other pressing issues and therefore you cannot dedicate the time need to perform the marketing actions.  At Acquaint we specialize in Healthcare Marketing and we happy to assist you with implementing an effective healthcare marketing plan.    Contact us today by clicking here.


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