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Getting More Facebook Engagement For Your Healthcare Facility

This month was a big month for one of our clients who got major engagement from a competition we created which the followers definitely ate up! 

We tried getting a good spread of posts for this client which include discounts, how to’s and funny posts to get engagement from their followers.  So, they are getting the hearts, likes, and comments required.

So, the question is how do you get this engagement for your Healthcare Facility? Let’s get down to why you’re not getting the Facebook engagement you want in more detail and what you can do to change it.

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Limited or No Advertising

Facebook newsfeed, that’s what you see when you are scrolling through the Facebook posts, is limited as they cannot show you every post that is available.  So, their algorithm will decide what to show you based on what they believe will interest you.   


The fact is that only about 2% of them get to view your posts and you better hope they like them.

So, to improve the chances of your posts being viewed you should invest in some advertising to expand the viewing of your important posts.  Even start with a low budget of R50 it will massively improve the reach of your posts and engagement. 

Connecting At The Right Time

Remember every social media channel has users viewing their content at a specific time slot.   In the case of Facebook, people are at work and want to take a break so they turn on the cellphone and scroll down. 

If you are going to post at 7am in the morning the chances are you will miss most of your audience.

The best time for Facebook is just after lunchtime.   And they best days also vary by social media platform and Facebook happens to be Thursday and Friday.

Is Not About You

You’re not Kim Kardashian, so focus on your clients or you will get fewer views! A simple test – If your brand name does not pop up for spelling errors on spell check, focus on your clients, not you!  We see this so often where businesses post content about their services.

The point to consider is that this posting is pushed not pull marketing.  Meaning that the user is not there to search for something, so you need to show something that is worthwhile seeing and grabs attention.

The best suggestion we provide is that 20% of posts are about your Healthcare facility and 80% about your audience. 

Too Few Followers

When we first meet clients and perform a Social Media audit, the first thing we look at is the number of followers.  What we find is a lot of companies have too few followers and this contributes to their low engagement.  

There are numerous ways to increase followers like:

  1. Creating an advert to increase followers.
  2. Add a “follow us” link of your website and email signature
  3. Share information that is worth people following you
  4. Add a link that says “Follow Us” on your thank-you pages

Get Expert help with Social Media Marketing

The golden rule we tell our clients is DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS it does not help and can create more harm than good.  Some Facebook pages we see have 20 times more followers, but their engagement is much lower.   Some of these users are fake which means no one is seeing your post and engaging – it’s a SCAM poeple!

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