When clients visit your website that may browse around then leave as they have not had their questions answered or cannot find what they want.  Just measuring these visits in your analytics data is a waste of time as you should be thinking of how could we capture these visitors to push them through my sales funnel and make them purchase something.

At Acquaint we believe live chats are the solution.  Live chats systems are basically software plugins that are installed on your website that allow you to communicate with a website visitor while they are on your site.   We have implemented these systems for a vast number of clients from Medical Clinics to HR companies and seen the ROI as well as excited customers.

So, what involved in setting up these live chat systems? For starters some of them are free with a limited functionality that should achieve what you need in the beginning.  You can also setup the mobile app so you always online and its simpler to manage.  Got an admin staff or secretary?  Let them run as an agent from their desktop online.  It’s brilliant and will make a
difference to your business and visitors.  To setup the system just chat with your digital agency and they will assist you.

With the functionality of adding more agents you can have a team manage the chats online. There is also the ability to setup pre-defined messages which allows you to filter the customers based on their stage in the sales

From a customer support side these systems can also improve your time to resolution on customer issues by providing immediate feedback.

Google recently released stats in 2019 showing that 70% of users wanted a live chat system where they could interact with the company when on the website.  This software also has a significant impact on user experience. Not implementing this solution is costing you leads. 

Get your website a live chat system today and start chatting with your website visitors.

Acquaint we help clients create innovative brand strategies, connect with potential customers and leverage advances in technology to increase brand awareness, grow customer loyalty and increase revenues.

Need suggestions on live chat systems please pop us an email at info@acquaint.co.za and we’ll be happy to assist.  Feel free to see a live chat on our website at www.acquaint.co.za

Here is a link to the Top 15 live chat systemshttps://bit.ly/2O8fnDI

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