website traffic stats

Website Vistors GROWING TRAFFIC ON YOUR WEBSITE IN 2020 Every business has an objective to get more clients and satisfy the existing ones.  As a business owner or marketing specialist, your objective is to ensure there is a steady stream of potential clients that are aware of the business, what happening in it and what […]

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The Ultimate Guide for Redesigning Your Website

Website Redesign Every now and then your website needs a refresh. There are many good reasons for a website redesign, whether it’s a rebranding, moving onto a new Content Management System (CMS), the site is getting lackluster results or it looks like it was built in 2010. Eventually, there comes a time when you’ve gathered […]

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Is Your Website Impacting Company Sales?

Website Redesign Is Your Website Impacting Company Sales? Did you know that poor web design can hurt conversions and sales? An unattractive site deserves a website redesign. No matter what your company size or industry is, though, it’s crucial that you take a strategic approach to your website redesign. Know what isn’t working, what does […]

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How to improve your website bounce rate!

website bounce rate

Bounce Rates: Amazing Secrets for making your website perform better! Improving your website’s performance Are your website visitors sticking to your website like glue or just bouncing right off?  Good thing it’s easy to tell with a metric like Bounce Rate.  Your website’s bounce rate indicates the percentage of people who land on your pages […]

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Why your website does not achieve results?

These days every client wants the best designed website and then wonder why they have visitors that bounce off their website so fast.  A great looking website is important but are not the key to ensuring your get the best bang for your buck! All too often we hear of the case where the marketing […]

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When clients visit your website that may browse around then leave as they have not had their questions answered or cannot find what they want.  Just measuring these visits in your analytics data is a waste of time as you should be thinking of how could we capture these visitors to push them through my sales funnel and make […]

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