Why your business should be on Social Media?


With over 3 billion people on social media your business cannot afford not to be on these platforms if it is to be sustainable and succeed in the long term.  As we say at Acquaint always be following the customer wherever they are.  If you not taking advantage of these social platforms you are missing […]

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Why your website does not achieve results?

These days every client wants the best designed website and then wonder why they have visitors that bounce off their website so fast.  A great looking website is important but are not the key to ensuring your get the best bang for your buck! All too often we hear of the case where the marketing […]

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Is Google My Business Worth it?

Google Logo SEO

If you have a business you probably being told to list it on GMB by a host of friends and family. But is this worth the effort? In our opinion, yes and let’s break it down and show you why. Firstly, google my business is owned by Google and they dominate the search market online. […]

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Reason your Facebook Ads are not workings

We find a lot of people thinking that Facebook ads don’t work as they fail to generate the conversions, leads or sales results needed.   Facebook ads work if you do them right but they also not for every business, so you got to understand the business before you start spending you cash on Facebook ads. Here are […]

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